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Toroidal coils

Cores and coils

Strong point

  • Proposing the suitable coils with choosing the core materials according to the application.
  • Wide variety of materials and sizes.
  • We can produced from small quantity to mass production.
  • Our products used for in-vehicle, industrial equipment and medical equipment power supply, etc.
  • Conform to the AEC-Q200 standard.


Product example

Common name
Furukawa products
Material Permeability Core Loss [kW/m3]
at 100kHz 100mT
Fe alloy powder
FP, BP series
Fe:100% 75 4000 18 Cheap material for line filters.
Fe alloy powder (High grade)
HFP series
Fe:100% 100 2800 18 Fe alloy powder with improved characteristics.
FS series
Fe:85% Al:5.5% Si:9.5% 60, 90, 125 800 9 Low loss and relatively cheap.
Fe-Si alloy powder 
FL series
Fe:93.5% Si:6.5% 90 2700 13 Relatively inexpensive and excellent DC-bias characteristics.
Fe-Si alloy powder  (Low core loss)
FPA series
Fe:93.5% Si:6.5% 60 200 10 Material with as low core loss as possible.
Amorphous alloy powder
FA series
Fe:73% Si:10% B:15% C:2% 60 600 10 Suitable for smooth chokes with large load fluctuations because this material has both low loss and good DC-bias characteristics.
High Flux
FH series
Fe:50% Ni:50% 60, 125 500 13 Very good DC-bias characteristics and low core loss but high price.

※Catalogs and the above products are examples. Even for products not listed, we will propose the optimum coil from the core material.