Furukawa Co.,Ltd.


Since our success in 1972 in mass-producing high-purity metallic arsenic, a material used in gallium arsenide semiconductors, we have provided support for telecommunications and electronics through gallium arsenide semiconductor devices.

Following our establishment in 2005 as Furukawa Denshi Co., Ltd., the core operating company of the Furukawa Company Group, we have fulfilled our responsibilities as the world’s number one manufacturer of high-purity metallic arsenic. We have further contributed to society by supplying parts and elements indispensable to many fields through our businesses in vehicular coils, aluminum nitride ceramics, and optics, particularly for high-output lasers.

Looking ahead, our executives and employees will work as one to provide satisfactory products, technologies, and services, while also striving to streamline management to speedily meet customers’ increasingly diverse demands.

Kenichiro Tamari
President & Representative Director