Furukawa Co.,Ltd.


We Contribute to Creating
a Sustainable Society
through our Technologies

Environmental Philosophy and Policy

In accordance with the Basic Environmental Management Principle and the Environmental Conservation Activity Policies of Furukawa Co., Ltd., Furukawa Denshi Co., Ltd. views conservation of the global environment as a key issue for management, strives for harmony with the environment, and acts under a basic philosophy of corporate activities that advance improvement of the environment.

All of us comply with laws, regulations, and societal requirements in the development, manufacture, and marketing of the varied high-purity semiconductor materials, optical products, and electronic components that are indispensable for the progress of IT. We also engage in activities with consideration of environmental conservation and make efforts for sustained environmental improvement, with the aim of making positive and continuous contributions to global environmental conservation through our products and technologies.

  • Environmental and Social Activities

    The Furukawa Company Group engages in management that views conservation of the global environment as a key issue.

  • Environmental Policy

    Through all employees acting in harmony with the environment and with consideration of environmental improvement in every area of our corporate activities, Furukawa Denshi Co., Ltd. will contribute to the future development of a sustainable society.

  • Support for Developing the Next Generation

    We undertake measures to support development of the next generation while striving for harmony between work and employee’s private life of employees.