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Toroidal coils (Common mode)

Cores and coils

Strong point

  • We can produced from small quantity to mass production.
  • Our winding technology enables coil design for large currents.
  • Realized space saving by proposing highly reliable painted products.
  • There is a case for some sizes. You can custom design the case.
  • Our products are widely adopted for custom power supply for medical and industrial equipment.

Product example

Product name Inductance (MIN.) Size [mm] Diameter × Width DCR(MAX.) Rated current
FF3219-13-16T 2.5 mH 38×20 12 mΩ 8A
FF3219-13-15T 2.2 mH 38×20 11 mΩ 8A
FF2515-13-21T 3.7 mH 35×24 25 mΩ 8A
FF2515-10-30T 7.7 mH 34×23 50 mΩ 5A
FF1810-06-39T 4.7 mH 22×13 80 mΩ 1.7A
FF1810-06-35T 3.7 mH 22×13 80 mΩ 1.7A
FF1810-06-33T 3.0 mH 22×13 80 mΩ 1.7A
FF1810W-06-32T 4.7 mH 22×13 80 mΩ 1.7A

※Please feel free to contact us as we can propose specifications not listed.