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Aluminium nitride (AIN) ceramics

Furukawa Denshi provides substrates sliced from blocks manufactured through our sintering technology.
Aluminum nitride substrates achieve both high heat radiation and electrical insulating properties. They are used as heat radiation substrates for 5G-era power semiconductors and optical communication lasers, radiating heat while insulating.
With FAN-200 and FAN-230, which feature greater thermal conductivity than our general purpose-grade FAN-170, our substrates receive high marks as heat radiation substrates for electronic devices that require greater heat radiation.
As the substrates are manufactured through slicing of blocks, we are able to accept inquiries for large areas, thick material (1 mmt or greater), and small lots. We can provide surface roughness ranging from Ra = 1 μm to a mirror finish.
We are also developing products that feature greater thermal conductivity than FAN-230, and will continue providing high-quality substrates.

Characteristics (typical values)

Item Grade
FAN-170 FAN-200 FAN-230
Thermal conductivity W/m・K(RT) 170 200 230
Thermal emissivity (100℃) 0.93
Thermal expansion coefficient 10-6/℃(RT~400℃) 4.5
Insulation resistance Ω・cm(RT) >1013
Dielectric strength kV/mm(RT) 15
Dielectric constant (1MHz) 8.8
Dielectric loss 10-4(1MHz) 5
Flexural strength MPa 350
Density g/cm3 3.3
Y(yttrium) wt% 3.4


External dimensions Up to 200 mm
Plate thickness 0.15~1mmt or more
Surface roughness Ra≦0.8μm to mirror finishing
Laser processing/metallizing Available as required