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SMD choke coils

Cores and coils

Strong point

  • Highly saturated magnetic flux density alloy powder is user for the core.
  • We propose coils with specifications that meet your needs in a short delivery time and provide samples.
  • Compared to metal composite coils, it has good DC-bias characteristics with respect to the mounting area.
  • We can produced from small quantity to mass production.


Product example

Product name SS1313-260 SS1313-100 SS1313B-260[new]
Size [mm] 14.8×14.3×H13.0 14.8×14.3×H13.0 14.9×14.4×H12.8
Inductance [μH] 26.0 10.0 26.0
DCR [mΩ] 30.0 13.0 18.5
Heat-resisting [℃] 150 150 150
Resistance to vibration [G] 30(5Hz~2kHz) 30(5Hz~2kHz) 30(5Hz~2kHz)

※Please feel free to contact us as we can propose specifications not listed.

DC-bias characteristics