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Optical elements

Optical elements and units

Materials that are permeable to infrared rays are often difficult to process and handle. Furukawa Denshi tackles these issues to meet the demands of customers through expertise built up over many years. In recent years, our products have been adopted for use in components destined for government ministries and agencies.

Materials and optical properties
Materials Wavelength Range ne use
CaF2 0.14~11.50 1.43 UV、Excimer Laser、Window、prism
MgF2 0.13~9.2 1.38 UV、Excimer Laser、Window
Fused silica 0.17~4.5 1.449(1.06μm) YAG、Excimer Laser、lens、Window、
BK-7 0.3~2.8 1.507(1.06μm) YAG、VIS、lens、Window
ZnSe 0.5~21.8 2.4028(10.6μm) CO2Laser、Window
ZnS 0.5~14 2.212(9μm) Window
Ge 2~23 4(10.6μm) CO2Laser、Window
Si 1.5~15 3.4(10.6μm) CO2Laser、Window
Cu YAG、CO2Laser、Mirror
GaAs 1.0~22 3.27(10.6μm) CO2Laser
sapphire 0.17~5.5 1.75(1.06μm) Window