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Material and parts

Aluminium nitride (AIN) ceramics

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment (for front-end processes) must support demands for design rule refinement and increased wafer diameter (300 mm and greater). The selection of materials for equipment components is crucial.
Aluminum nitride (AlN) offers excellent thermal conductivity, thermal radiation (heat radiation), thermal shock resistance, and electrical insulation, along with thermal expansion suited to Si wafers.


  • Has high thermal conduction, thermal emissivity, and soaking capability.
  • Is resistant to thermal shock and withstands rapid heating and cooling.
  • Has low thermal expansion suited to Si.
  • Has excellent resistance to corrosion by fluorine-based gases.


  • Susceptors for semiconductor manufacturing equipment (CVD, etching, etc.), electrostatic chucks, heater soaking plates, vacuum chucks, heaters
  • Dummy wafers
  • Targets
  • Compound semiconductor device components


    Characteristics (typical values)

    Item Grade
    FAN-090 FAN-170 FAN-200 FAN-230
    Thermal conductivity W/m・K(RT) 90 170 200 230
    Thermal emissivity (100℃) 0.93
    Thermal expansion coefficient 10-6/℃(RT~400℃) 4.5
    Thermal shock resistance ΔT(Water drop method) 400(Reference value)
    Insulation resistance Ω・cm(RT) >1013
    Dielectric strength kV/mm(RT) 15
    Dielectric constant (1MHz) 8.8
    Dielectric loss 10-4(1MHz) 5
    Flexural strength MPa 250~300 300~400
    Density g/cm3 3.2 3.3
    Y(yttrium) % 0.0 3.4
    O(oxygen) % 0.6 1.7
    Characteristics High purity General purpose Thermal conduction Thermal conduction