Furukawa Co.,Ltd.


High-power laser processing heads

Optical elements and units

Furukawa’s high-power laser processing heads, created through our proprietary optical design and coating technologies, are able to handle cutting and welding jobs with a single piece of equipment. Customization and modification of units and options are also possible.


  • Protective glass and lenses with coatings for High Damage Resistivity for fiber Lasers and low thermal lens effect
  • Original Furukawa design, domestic parts procurement, assembly, and after-sales follow-up
  • Available insertion/removal of DOE manufactured in-house (option)


Production examples

  • Laser cutting/welding heads compatible with high-power multi-mode fiber lasers
  • Laser cutting/welding heads compatible with high-power single-mode fiber lasers
  • Laser heads with DOE insertion/removal mechanism
  • Laser coaxial camera observation and power measurement units
  • Water-cooled mirror holders