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Aluminium nitride (AIN) ceramics

The fillers are manufactured by adding a small amount of Y2O3 sintering additive and BN particle size control agent to high-thermal-conductivity aluminum nitride dust, followed by sintering into a spherical shape at high temperature.
Aluminum nitride fillers are used in epoxy resin, silicone resin, BT resin, and other resins, as well as in products including heat radiation sheets and filling material.


Grade FAN-f05 FAN-f30-A1 FAN-f50-A1 FAN-f80-A1
Components Principal component:AlN  Trace additives:Y2O3、BN
Particle shape Polyhedral particles Spheres
Thermal conductivity W/m・K(RT) 170(Sintered bodies)
Insulation resistance Ω・cm(RT) >1013(Sintered bodies)
Density g/cm3 3.3(Sintered bodies)
Average particle diameter μm 3~10 20~40 35~65 65~90
D10 3 15 20 30
D90 8 50 95 150
Remarks Primary particle diameter <200mesh
Example of particle size distribution Particle shape(example:FAN-f80-A1)