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Axial coils

Cores and coils

Strong point

  • Very often used as filter coils for electric power steering. 
  • Low cost because the parts are cheap and easy to assemble.
  • We have a winding machine for prototyping, which enables quick custom samples.
  • We can produced from small quantity to mass production.
  • Conform to the AEC-Q200 standard.

Product example

Product name BF9819-20-8TB DF1621-20-6.5T
Size [mm] 20×16×H18.6 Φ23×H21
Inductance [μH] 1.65 1.5
DCR [mΩ] 2.0 1.7
Heat-resisting [℃] 150 150
Rated current [A] 30 30

※Please feel free to contact us as we can propose specifications not listed. We also accept inquiries about windings.